Waterpik Aquarius WP 660

Waterpik Aquarius professional water flosser is most advanced water flosser ever. It is specifically designed to get dental care at home. Waterpik is known for performance and quality with more research support than any other brand on the market. There are certain questions, if you answered yes to at least one of the questions then this Waterpik Aquarius wp 660 reviews is for you.


wp 660 waterpik

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Do you suffer from gingivitis?

Does traditional flossing cause pain or bleeding?

DO you Have braces?

Have stubborn and excessive plague, or bad breath?

Or you just want something 10x better than a traditional toothbrush?


waterpik aquarius wp 660 review


motor with pump


This water flosser includes a motor with pump, water reservoir, special water flosser tip. Now we will go We will run through the features, and we will try to validate the claim. It comprises of two different modes: one for massage and the second one for floss. Both the modes are compatible with the pressure system.




Waterpik Aquarius wp 660 Working

How to use a Waterpik water flosser?


reservoir with lukewarm

    1. Firstly fill the reservoir with lukewarm water and place it on base, pressing down firmly to ensure full sitting

   2. Now press the handle firmly

   3. For the first use, the pressure control dial adjusted to high point the tip into the sink and turn on until water flows, turn unit off



tip in the mouth

   4. Adjusting the pressure control with lower pressure.

   5. Placing the tip in the mouth and lean over the sink.

   6. Turn unit on, allow water to flow from the mouth into sink keeping lips close as to prevent splashing.




start with back teeth

    7.You need to start with back teeth and pause briefly between teeth keeping the tip just above the gum line in perpendicular direction

    8.When finished turn unit off and use the tip to eject button to remove the tip.




There is no need to refill the tank because such a high capacity of 650ml  reservoir gives over a 90 seconds of continuous cleaning. A peculiar feature that is the massage mode that is completely unique to the Aquarius, specifically designed to stimulate blood circulation in the gum tissue by creating the pulse formation in water flow.The strength of the water flow can be customized by the user itself by using the 10 position pressure dial for maximum comfort and efficiency.

waterpik aquarius wp 660 Review


Different models of water flosser


WP660 VS WP100 Side-By-Side Comparison

BasicWaterPik Aquarius WP-660WaterPik Ultra WP-100
Dimensions: 4x5x6 7x6x9
Color(s): White White, black
Power Cord Length: about 4-feet about 4-feet
Flosser Tips: 7 in all: 3 Classic Jet Tips, 1 Toothbrush Tip, 1 Plaque Seeker Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, and 1 Pik Pocket Tip 6 in all: 2 Classic Jet Tips, 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip, 1 Pik Pocket Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, and 1 Toothbrush Tip
Water Tank Capacity: 90 seconds 90 seconds
PSI Range: 10 to 100 psi 5 to 90 psi
Timer: 1-minute timer no timer
Gum Massage: yes no
Pressure Settings: 10 10
Interval Pause: Pauses at 30, 60 and 90 second intervals no
On/Off Switch on Handle: yes no
Warranty: 3-years 3-years
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Other than these models Waterpik has released following models called Designer Series.


  • Vibrant Teal (WP-676)
  • Radiant Pink (WP-674)
  • Pearl White (WP-670)
  • Brilliant Black (WP-672

There is a substantial difference between the Aquarius professional and the designer series, that is only the looks. Chrome buttons, a sleeker design, and a color to suit your personality are the major differences. When it comes to functions and performance, all Aquarius models perform the same.

Clinical researchWP 660 aquarius professional water flosser

ADA seal of acceptance

Being first in its class to earn this seal.ADA council of scientific affair awarded the ADA seal of acceptance to five Waterpik water flosser product lines based on its finding that they are safe to have shown efficiency for removing plaque along the gum line and between teeth and for helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis Waterpik oral health products are clinically proven to provide oral health benefits:

  1. Improved gum health
  2. Remove plaque and bacteria
  3. Reach areas that you can’t get to with a toothbrush
  4. Works 3x better when removing plaque from around braces.
  5. Promises better gums in two weeks.
  6. Comes with 10 pressure settings.
  7. Special plaque seeker and orthodontic tips.
  8. The different tips allow more ways to achieve a cleaner, healthier, fresher dental system.
  9. 10 pressure settings allow you to have much control of the water coming out of the jet tips.
  10. The newly revamped design is more sophisticated and way better than the usual blue Waterpik flossers.


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After looking over both machines in the Waterpik wp-100 vs Waterpik Aquarius wp 660 comparison, I think that you should go for the 660. Although, from what I gather, if you were able to use these two products side-to-side, you probably wouldn’t notice a big difference in the performance. Both will clean your teeth about the same. But there are some features on the wp-660 that improve usability; led mode indicator, handle on/off switch, timer, and 30-second interval pauses.

The wp-660 comes with an additional tip as well as the gum massage feature – that feature could be worth your while if your gums are a particularly sensitive area for you. If you’ve narrowed your choice down to these two models. I think that as long as the price difference (if there is one at a time of purchase) isn’t too great, I’d go with the Waterpik Aquarius wp 660, it’s simply the better water flosser. There are certain limitations of this product like

  • Slightly expensive compared to string floss.
  • Tricky on/off switch.
  •  Can be sleep-affectingly loud.
  •  Not the most portable water flosser around.

One of the fundamental ways in which these limitations can be turn out to become positive is that there is no need to invest in another product for getting a dental care at home, who have braces.

But the attributes of this product are so much that this could easily dominate all of these limitations, and by that, we realize that the game is surely tilted in favor of the Waterpik Aquarius WP 660.

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Waterpik Aquarius WP 660 Review
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